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Building Success: Strategic Planning for Construction Industry Leaders

Join Kimberly Kayler, AOE President as she sits down with long time friend and colleague Brian Gallagher to discuss his new book, Building Success: Strategic Planning for Construction Industry Leaders, an essential guide for leaders navigating the complex terrain of the construction industry. This book is a masterclass in strategic planning, offering a clear blueprint for those at the helm of construction organizations, from growing family businesses to established corporate entities. It includes universally relevant strategies and adaptable techniques meticulously crafted to steer your company toward intentional growth and enduring success. The book provides a comprehensive overview of essential tools and methodologies necessary for the development, implementation, execution, and continual monitoring of a strategic plan. It addresses the challenges and risks inherent in the construction industry, demonstrating how strategic planning is pivotal for growth, operational efficiency, optimal resource allocation, risk management, and sustainable expansion. Embrace the principles within to ensure intentional growth and the long-term prosperity of your construction organization. Find the book here: or Be sure to read our blog on our website here.

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