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Corporate Mindfulness

The Role of Leadership in Meeting Today’s Challenges Fireside Chat

Employee burnout, retention and stress are key topics in today’s business circles. While our pandemic world certainly is a major factor in these organizational challenges, how leaders respond to today’s unique dynamics can make or break its success. So what is the role of leadership in today’s organization? A recent Harvard Business Review article noted that when we trust our workplace leadership, we experience 74 percent less stress, 106 percent more energy at work, are 50 percent more productive and experience 40 percent less burnout.


With a mission of Advancing Organizational Excellence, AOE is committed to sharing ideas on how leadership plays a role in meeting the needs of today’s workforce. AOE President Kimberly Kayler sat down for an information conversation with John M. Collins, founder of Critical Victories, talk about tips on how to evaluate leadership competencies, how high-stress environments impact teams, and how we can all become better leaders.

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