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Strategic Planning in a Virtual World

Many have put off the strategic planning process because of the Work from Home scenario. However, it may be wise to consider how you can tackle a strategy session, even if virtually, in the near future. One key benefit of tackling a strategic plan is to provide definition not only to what you should do, but also what you shouldn’t do. In a recent blog that inspired this webinette, AOE President Kimberly Kayler goes into more detail on what factors influenced her and her team to move forward with a virtual strategic planning session.

Join Kimberly Kayler and Kathy Spanier, AOE Strategic Planning Consultant for this 20 min. webinette, which will showcase lessons learned, successes and next steps for virtual strategy sessions held during the pandemic. Learn how to pivot your process and move forward with your strategy plan.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Best practices for moving your session to a virtual format.

  2. Tips for engagement in a virtual setting.

  3. Practical tips for what works and doesn’t work in strategy planning.

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