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Rethinking Engagement: A discussion to guide our planning for 2021

While the pandemic has certainly created many challenges for organizations and workers alike, some have experienced a silver lining related to engagement of employees and/or members. New evidence and experiences are beginning to show how organizations are creating means to truly listen to their teams with regard to work-life balance, productivity and engagement.


Join AOE President Kimberly Kayler as she sits down with her long-time friend and colleague Jim Baty, Executive Director of the Concrete Foundations Association. The duo will discuss the changing face of both companies and associations, the necessity of legitimizing the new working paradigm, as well as tips for 2021.


Learning Objectives:

  1. What does engagement look like now and post-pandemic?

  2. How to create buy-in for the new virtual world.

  3. How to blend these new frontiers and thinking for traditionalists.

  4. Building a means to truly listen to your employees and members. 

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