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Lessons Learned From 2020 and A Look Beyond

If you are as tired as we are of the “new normal” discussion, join us to talk about lessons learned from 2020 and what we see on the marketing, management and sales landscape moving ahead in 2021 and beyond. AOE account leaders Amy Numbers, Ashley Kizzire, Kari Moosmann and Kristin Dispenza will join President Kimberly Kayler in an informal discussion about the pivot we saw this year and what is on the horizon for the future. Topics include how messages have changed, the role of digital, rethinking the elevator speech and more!


Learning objectives:

  1. Commiserate and celebrate with your peers in a virtual setting about the highs and lows of 2020.

  2. Learn what others are designing into their 2021 marketing and operational plans.

  3. Gather ideas on how to be successful in the digital environment. 

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