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How to Sell During the Pandemic

Six months into the pandemic, there is no longer an option to just push off sales programs “until we can meet in person.” While some in-person sales activities may actually be occurring, the traditional sales call has changed, and likely forever. What does sales look like in in the current and post-pandemic world? What does networking look like? Has the role of marketing as it relates to sales changed at all because of COVID-19?


Join AOE President Kimberly Kayler and Jenna Fullenkamp, Business Development Director for iQSG, for a quick 20-minute discussion on the topic of the role of sales during the pandemic.


Learning Objectives:

  • What did sales look like for you before the pandemic? And after?  

  • Have you noticed a shift in response from your leads? Faster? Slower?  

  • What marketing/content changes have you noticed in your industry? 

  • What does networking look like?

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